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Top 5 Mistakes Most People Make When
Fighting a Speeding Ticket

By Damon Dallah

Throughout the years, there have been some pretty dreadful defense strategies used by many people. But I don't really blame them. Most were just relying on 'insider' information some website was selling.

Below I have listed the top 7 mistakes you can make when fighting your speeding ticket. I hope you too will see the futility in them and refrain from using these worthless defenses.

Mistake #1
Delaying the Court Trial

Most every other book I've read on speeding tickets advises you to postpone the trial by asking for a continuance.

They claim the longer your court trial is from the original infraction, the greater the chance the officer will fail to show up to court.

Simply delaying your court trial will not increase your chances at beating your ticket. Inside Beat the System, I explain to you why this never works and why you should only ask for a continuance if you truly can't make it to the initial trial.

Besides, what if you do postpone your court date and the officer still shows up?

Then what?

Police officers get paid overtime to show up to court. if they can, they will. I would venture to say that between 20-40% of the time the officer will fail to show up to court (for a variety of reasons).

If he does fail to show, you should get an easy dismissal.

However, there is a sneaky little way to greatly increase the chances of him not showing. If you really had your heart set on the officer not showing up to court so you can get an automatic dismissal, you'll be shown exactly how to do it when you read Beat the System.

Mistake #2
Request the Prosecution's Evidence Before Trial.

By law you do have a legal right to see everything the prosecution plans to convict you with. This process is called 'discovery' and can be useful in a murder trial. But this isn't a murder trial and doing so can actually hurt your case.

When you make a motion for discovery and request evidence before your trial, this sends red flags to the prosecution that you are planning a good defense. He'll take it as a challenge and will prepare his case so efficiently that it becomes almost impossible to win.

Don't request anything or even contact the courthouse at any time prior to your trial.

Beat the System is based on the element of surprise. Like a hungry lion lurking in the tall grass - you strike when they least expect it.

This is only possible through secrecy of your intentions.

DO NOT let them know you are familiar with the court process. The prosecutor WILL NOT come prepared. He hasn't the slightest clue of what you're up to. Keep it that way.

Mistake #3
Doing Too Much Needless Research.

How many of you like to spend your free time at your local courthouse researching piles upon piles of law books?

There's absolutely no need to do this research. It's time consuming and not to mention boring.

Although in some cases it may be wise to look up a certain law and see how it is worded, there really is no need to do it with all speeding trials.

With Beat the System, you will get everything you need to know about the law, in easy to understand language, plus you'll receive access to dozens of pertinent case laws listed state-by-state if you need them. Everything has already been done for you.

Mistake #4
Attacking the Officer's Credibility

Going to court with the sole purpose of making the police officer look like an idiot will backfire on you.

Claiming things like, "the radar gun was faulty", or "the officer clocked the wrong vehicle", or "the officer singled you out", or "the officer hasn't had adequate training with the radar/laser gun" are all useless defenses.

Never go into a courtroom with the intent to challenge the officer's training of the radar/laser gun. This type of defense is always attacked by the judge. He will accept the officer's testimony as to his training and will tell you to ask your next question.

The officer will NOT have to prove his training qualifications in the courtroom.

Let's face it, the officer has been properly trained and knows how to work the radar/laser gun. No question about it. If you try and go this route you will be disappointed when the judge asks you to provide evidence supporting your claim.

This is yet another example of how my techniques differ from the rest. You will NEVER have to attack the officer's qualifications or training. Who's got the nerve to do that?

I'll show you how to attack the evidence itself and NOT the officer.

Mistake #5
Going to Court Unprepared

This is by far the biggest mistake people will make when fighting a speeding ticket.

They go to court, thinking they've done their homework, when in reality everything they did leading up to the trial was in vain.

They're research was done the WRONG WAY and as a result, they lose their case before they even had a chance to defend themselves.

Those who did no research go to court with the notion that they can just tell their side of the story and the judge will see things their way and dismiss their ticket. Yeah right!

Look, I know the thought of going to court can be a little scary for some, but this isn't a murder trial. It's just a simple traffic ticket. Traffic court is set up to be extremely 'user friendly' due to the large amounts of people who go there every day.

And just so you know, should you decide to do things my way, you will NOT have to argue the facts of your case or even prove you were not speeding! You will not be attacking the officer's credibility, going head to head with the prosecutor or anything else that even I would be reluctant to do. I mean, who's got the nerves to do all that?

Trust me when I tell you that my way is the easiest and ONLY way to beat your speeding ticket. Thousands have already proven it.

Do yourself a huge favor and take a look at what I have to offer you. Your wallet will thank you for it.

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