Don't Take My Word for It

Below, you will find a few of the many emails I've received over the years. All are 100% genuine and unedited. If this doesn't convince you that you can do this, then nothing will.

"Every speeding ticket I issued could have been dismissed"

I was a police officer for over 15 years and after reading through your book I have realized that probably every speeding ticket I issued could have been dismissed.


It's true when you say a speeding ticket has very little preparation by the officer.

There are too many other more serious cases that need the preparation time. A speeding ticket to an officer is no more than to prove to his co-workers and superiors that he is doing what he is suppose to be doing and not sleeping somewhere.

Once the ticket is written at the end of the day, that's all that really matters. I was very impressed with your book.

Ray Wright
(Former Police Officer)

"Caught by surprise"

amyHi Damon,

A big thanks from me and my husband. About 6 weeks ago I was pulled over for supposedly doing 40 in a 25 mph zone. There's no way on God's green earth I was going that fast. I was determined to fight it but didnt know how.

A friend of mine told me about your website and I went to court after purchasing your book. I based my defense entirely on the fact that the omitted omitted omitted omitted omitted omitted omitted omitted. He was caught by surprise and totally unprepared having only the calibration logs with him.

The judge kind of looked at him and then turned to the prosecutor and asked if he had the [omitted][omitted] available in the courtroom. He said no but that he could go get it. The judge told him it was too late for that and dismissed my case. I can tell you he (the officer) was not too happy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you.

- Amy and Dean Abraham, Florida

PS - One of the defendants in the courtroom asked me where I learned how to do that and I mentioned your website. I'll be sure to spread the word.

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"It worked...
It really worked"


It worked! Your book really worked!

When I walked into court this morning, I really had my heart set that the officer would fail to show. I was pretty disappointed when I saw him and a couple of other officers standing in the hallway.

As my case started, everything happened just like in your book. When the officer was finished with his testimony, the judge told me to ask any questions I had. I read from my notes and asked the officer to produce the [omitted].

Guess what? He didn't have it! Although he tried to weasel his way out of the situation by arguing how positive he was that his [omitted] was [omitted], I quickly shut him up just like you instructed.

And that was about it. My case was over before I knew it. It was much easier than I thought.

Damon, you'll never know how grateful I am to you and your book. Thank you so much.

- Lisa Pavilion, Texas

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"Different from the rest"

johnnyYou know, your website sounds too good to be true. I was real hesitant at first to buy your book. But I was desperate and had no where else to turn. I'd purchased another speeding ticket book the night before and realized that I would never win my court case with that type of garbage.

I figured I had nothing to lose, since you offer a guarantee. When I began to read your book, it was obvious that you were different from the rest. Your book goes into great detail and explains things so that anyone can understand.

I had only three days to prepare my case. I was clocked with a laser gun on I-75 right outside Cincinnati and had I not read your book, I'm confident that I would have never won my case.

Everyone in the courtroom looked at me like I was some type of genius. Thanks again.

- Johnny Rodriguez, Ohio

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"Absolutely worth it"

peggyI just wanted to let you know that the money I spent on your book was absolutely worth it! My husband beat his speeding ticket (45 in a 30 mph zone) using one of your strategies. Thanks!

- Peggy Dalesky

"Thank you for saving me $200"

stevenI studied the books that you have a available on this website and it paid off. The look on the prosecutor's and the police officer's face were absolutley priceless when the judge dismissed my case. I had a huge grin on mine!

I will use this every time I find myself in this situation. Thank you for saving me $200!

- Steven Eckhardt, Illinois

"I am stunned by your mastery of defeating speeding tickets"


Mr. Dallah:

Having read your book, I am stunned by your mastery of defeating speeding tickets. You are brilliant and a hero.

I am looking forward to speaking with you in the next several days. It is truly a must have. I remain amazed at your cleverness in helping novice individuals adequately prepare a winning defense against radar. You certainly are to be admired.

Thank you,

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"reveals a lot about the traffic court system"


I'm writing you this message to show my satisfaction with your book. It is well written and reveals a lot about the traffic court system that I don't think is available in any other book. I haven't had to use it yet, but when the time arrives, I'll be ready.

- Chirac Patel, New Jersey

"Next best thing to having a hired expert"


In my opinion this book is the next best thing to having a hired expert at your defense table. I can't believe you charge so little, its well worth the cost. It's actually worth more than what you charge. I was astounded at the profundity of your knowledge, and how realistic your advice is. Your material gives me the best advantage for walking away without taking a severe beating in court hearing designed to find you guilty.

Thank you so much for such a revealing book.

Shawna Hayes, Maine

"Got my fine reduced"

While I was hoping to completely win my case, I didn't. But I did get my fine reduced. I guess I shouldn't complain. A penny saved is a penny earned. Thanks for all your help Damon.

- Bob Baxter, Missouri

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"Would I recommend this book? Your damn right I would."

Would I recommend this book? Your damn right I would. Especially after being a witness to how powerful it really is. I was able to take a 30 mph over the limit speeding ticket and completely beat it. How many people can say that?

- Henry Eisen, Vermont

"Very wise investment"

Hi Damon

I drive a truck for a living and can not afford to get any tickets on my record. I took my ticket to court and lo and behold the officer didn't show up. I was very very very happy. just goes to show you that you should always fight a ticket. you never know if the cop will show or not. Even if he did, I'm confident I still would have won. Your book was a real eye opener and for someone who drives for a living it was a very wise investment. Thanks for putting this information together. It's about time somebody stood up to these thieves.

- Lester Fairholm, South Carolina

"Gave me a lesser fine"

Didn't beat my ticket, but the judge was impressed with my defense that he gave me a lesser fine. Better than nothing. I'll keep your book on my hard drive for next time. Thanks.

- Lamant Jackson, Georgia

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"I actually beat my speeding ticket today"

Hi Damon,

Today is a great day. Not only because its January and the weather is beautiful, but because I actually beat my speeding ticket today and I owe it all to you. The funny thing is I never even considered fighting my ticket. I was just going to pay up like I always do.

But I noticed your website online one day and I was curious. After having read your webpage, I was eager to take a look at what you had to offer. Once I was done reading the book, I thought to myself that this isn't really that hard, so I decided to give it a try.

Being that my state regards speeding tickets as a civil offense, I opted to try the [omitted] defense in your book. It took about 2 days to get a [omitted][omitted], but after I did I felt almost invincible.

I looked it over and actually found a major discrepancy in it. It turns out that the [omitted][omitted][omitted][omitted]. And that's exactly what I used to beat my speeding ticket.

You have no idea of how proud I felt when the charges were dropped. It really is a great feeling to be vindicated. I couldn't have done it without you. I will tell all of my friends about your awesome book.

I now know the secrets to beating speeding tickets and will never pay for another one for as long as I live. Thank you so much!

- Robert Traylor, North Carolina

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"All the charges were dropped"

Hello Damon,

What a relief it was to get that letter in the mail saying I would not have to go to court and all the charges were dropped. I lucked out this time. Next time I'll be more careful. Thanks for all your help Damon.

- Gina Simpson, California

"Truly a life saver"

I just bought my Platinum copy of the books and have already found out how to beat my ticket. This is truly a live-saver and I'm glad that I came across it. I could not be happier with the product. At whatever price you buy the books, they are truly a bargain. You can't get this knowledge anywhere else and if you ask them, they wouldn't want to give it to you anyways. It's the best investment I've ever made.

- Carter Meyers, Connecticut

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"Could never have done it without this amazing information"

I have a confession to make. I didn't actually buy your book, it was given to me by a family member who did in fact purchase your book (so I guess that makes it OK). But after having read it, it's clear to me that I would have paid 5 times what you are currently asking for it.

I am writing this letter to thank you for delivering such high quality and practical advice in your book. I used the tip you give on plea bargaining and was able to have my speeding ticket reduced down to a non moving violation. Of course you know this means no points on my record and extra cash in my pocket. Without your book I wouldn't have known how to approach the prosecutor or even what to say.

I used the one technique of telling the prosecutor that I [omitted][omitted][omitted][omitted]. He told me he was not one to reduce speeding tickets down to non-moving violations but would make an exception this time. I think I really caught his attention with the [omitted][omitted]. That was absolute genius. I could never have done it without this amazing information.


- Alan Montgomery, Utah

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"Got my case dismissed"

Hello Damon,

Just wanted to let you know I got my case dismissed. I appreciated the helpful advice and the quick replies to my emails. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Julie Castle, Arizona

"Brought my fine down significantly"

Damon, where do I begin. I'm 57 years old and unemployed. My wife has medical problems and with medical bills and the cost of living here in New York, I just couldn't afford another heavy expense.

I did as instructed in your book and the judge was forgiving after he seen how determined I was to fight my ticket. He said that he would reduce the ticket to a fix it ticket which brought my fine down significantly, about $110. Plus there are no points assessed to my record which is also good.

I would have had my case dismissed, but the officer seem to have everything with him, even the [ommitted] [ommitted] which surprised me. But I did get a great lesson from you and if this ever happens again, let's just hope it's not with the same cop. He really came prepared. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones.

Have a Merry Christmas and great New Year.

- Marlon T., New York

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

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"The judge threw out my case"

Just got back from court and I had to write you to let you know the judge threw out my case.

Thank you so much for your helpful advice.

-Madeline B., Texas

"Got my case dismissed"

What can I say but thank you. It's been an interesting day. I beat my ticket and was actually congratulated by the prosecuotr for a job well done. Go figure.

-Ross French, Ohio

"I felt like screaming for joy"

You are the best Damon. When the judge said that he would go ahead and dismiss the case because the officer didn't have the [ommitted][ommitted][ommitted] I felt like screaming for joy right there in the courtroom. Good thing I didn't. I would have made a fool of myself.

- Beth K., Nevada

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

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"You saved me $186 and kept my record clean"

Thanks to your book, I was able to go to court informed, prepared, and see my ticket dismisssed when the officer stumbled in his testimony. I merely pointed out his discrepancies and the ticket was dismissed. You saved me $186 and kept my record clean!

Doug Ryan, California

"In a word... WOW"

In a word, WOW! I just finished reading your book and I must say, I am extremely impressed, not only with the vast amount of knowledge you conveyed on all aspects of defending oneself in court, but that you managed to do so in terms that are easily understood by even the most legally challenged among us.

As promised, the section on Laser was far more comprehensive and up to date than the book I purchased previously.

I am truly impressed with your knowledge of all aspects the subject. Even in the unlikely event that I lose my case in October, the education you have provided was tremendously rewarding, and for that I thank you so very much.

Sincerely yours,

Kentville, Nova Scotia

P.S. Please feel free to use all or any part of my comments. I would prefer, as I'm sure you will understand, that my surname not be used in any testimonial you publish.

"Got my ticket dismissed"

Got my ticket dismissed today. It was my second one this year and I'm out of work and money is hard to come by right now so I had no choice but to fight it especially during the holidays

I live in a small rural area and we have this speed trap on the local highway that runs through town. This is where I got both of my tickets. I never fought the first one, but that's because I didn't know about your website then. Sure wish I had though.

At any rate, it's nice to know that in the future I have a secret weapon by my side. Merry Christmas and God bless.

- Jackie Savage, Mississippi

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"I just beat a ticket with
your secrets..."


Your traffic ticket secrets are saving me thousands and a possible suspension of my driver's license. I was happy to find your ebook has much more info than you promise. I do not advocate unsafe driving, however, we have a system that is stacked against us without your strategies.

I just beat a ticket with your secrets where the officer lied and told me he had me on radar going 86 MPH, (16 MPH faster than I was actually going). I tell everyone now... DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT a traffic ticket without first reading your secrets.

I say don't bother with lawyers, after reading your book they will know more than 99% of the lawyers out there. Drivers should get your book now, before they are pulled over.

Be safe.
Ted, California

P.S. I just want to add this testimonial is real. I don't know Damon. I searched and found the product and I'm glad I did.

Thanks again Damon. Please do not use my full name or give out my phone number. If you ever get someone who wants to talk to me you could call me and get me on a three way or call me and I will call them.

"I'm a free man"

I'm a free man today. No speeding ticket fine and no points. I'm so happy because this would have been my third ticket in only 2 years.

- Gus Snyder, Florida

"I beat my ticket"

My husband thought I was crazy for trying to fight my case. He said that there was no way I would win. but guess what? I beat my ticket.

- L.P., Oklahoma

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"I won my case"

Please continue to help all of us who are being hoodwinked by our own government. You are a great man and I appreciate all that you do for us. I won my case with your book and now I'm going shopping :-)

- Jannette L., Washington

"This stuff really works"

your book is really awesome. I enjoyed reading every page of it. I was able to get my case dismissed when the ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted. This stuff really works.

-Ricardo Fuentez, Indiana

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

"Saved my license"

Hi Damon. I had a real a%%hole for a judge. He didn't want to dismiss my case even though I ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted ommitted.

Eventually he gave in. I was sweaten bricks hoping he'd just finally do it. I'm glad he did. That ticket was worth 4 points and that would have suspended my license. Your book actually saved my license. I could never thank you enough. Don't stop doing what you're doing.

- Andreus A., New Jersey

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

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"Got my ticket dismissed"

Got my ticket dismissed. I thank you for everything.

- Ahmed Mubarak, Michigan

"I did it"

Hi Damon, it's me again. Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to fill you in on what happened. I did it! I'm still a little jittery with excitement after hearing the words 'case dismissed'. The omitted omitted was what really helped me to win. When they saw that, they knew their goose was cooked.

Thanks for all your help. If you're ever in the St. Louis area give me a call. I owe you lunch :-)

Karen Strzeszewski, Missouri

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

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