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"Legally Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed and
Avoid Paying a Single Dime in Fines or Surcharges"

This simple but powerful method will Eliminate Your Speeding Ticket
and Save You Hundreds of Dollars without hiring an expensive lawyer...

...even if you're 100% Guilty and know nothing about the law!


-Damon Dallah
Traffic Ticket Defense Expert


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Date: Tuesday, 11:47 AM
From: Damon Dallah

Dear fed up driver,

What would you do with an extra $1,000?

That's how much that little sheet of paper you hold in your hands could end up costing you. Fact is, your speeding ticket will really set you back financially unless you do something about it.

These days with the economy in shambles and money very hard to come by, you NEED every penny to survive. Unfortunately for you, this threatening menace is out to milk you for everything you got!

But a $1,000 is way more than the cost of your fine, right?

If you think paying a fine is the end of your worries, then boy are you in for a rude awakening.

You don't think they'd let you off that easy? Do You?

No my friend, paying the fine isn't even half the punishment. Wait till your insurance company finds out about this ticket. They can't wait to get their hands on your hard earned money.

In fact, they regularly purchase radar and laser guns by the hundreds and pass them out free of charge to police departments around the country.

Why do you suppose they are so generous? Just have a look...

Here's how much the average ticket holder ends up paying for
ONE speeding ticket:

speeding ticket auto insurance

The insurance increase is usually 5 to 7 Times the cost of your ticket. That's about $300 Per Year for 3 Whole Years!

And get this -- studies show there is no connection between receiving an occasional speeding ticket and the likelihood of being in an accident, so whatever extra money your insurance company charges you is pure profit!

I know, it's sickening isn't it? But don't worry, there is a solution.

Hi, my name is Damon Dallah and since 2005 I've been helping drivers like yourself avoid having to pay for their speeding tickets.

How? By utilizing a closely guarded secret I discovered that very few people will ever know. It's not talked about in the news, on talk shows or on other websites.

You can only find this information here.

This highly effective tactic is proven to wipe out most speeding tickets by way of technicalities, loopholes and other little-known methods that have been kept carefully hidden from the public for over 30 years.

It's completely legal, does NOT involve anything unethical or dishonest and you can begin implementing it in just a few moments from now.

The process is very straightforward. You just have to know where and WHAT to look for.

That's where I come in.

I'll guide you step-by-step with a well thought out plan so you can have a fighting chance to win -- no matter how hopeless you think your situation is.

In the end, you will be happier, wiser and richer!

Here's a small taste of what you'll discover...

  • A simple, foolproof technique to get out of your speeding ticket. By the time you've finished implementing Beat the System, every one of your family and friends will wonder what it was you did. Don't be surprised if they come begging you on hands and knees to let them in on it too.
  • The one single document that's going to get your case dismissed. This has got to be one of the best-kept secrets ever. I'll show you where to find this document, what to do with it and how to use it to win your case. If you can follow simple ABC instructions, it's almost impossible to lose!
  • How to have a laser ticket thrown out over 90% of the time based on a technicality. When fighting a laser enforced speeding ticket, your chances of beating it are extremely good when you employ this clever plan of attack guaranteed to work in 46 states.
  • How you can speed over the limit legally. Believe it or not, you can actually exceed the speed limit and not be in violation of any traffic laws. Here's a surefire way to beat your ticket. It works by taking full advantage of a tiny, overlooked code written in the law books. Of course, they'll never tell you this but I will.
  • An ingenious way to prevent the officer from showing up to court. Make this small request and there's a HUGE chance the officer won't show up. The judge will then have to dismiss your ticket on the spot without you ever uttering a single word! This has nothing to do with postponing the trial or anything silly like finding out the officer's vacation date. Sneaky - YES. Illegal - NO.

"Who Am I?"

In case you're wondering, NO I'm NOT a lawyer, I'm NOT a law student and I'm NOT some ex-cop. I'm just an ordinary guy.

The only difference between me and you is I know how to 'beat the system'.

Here's my story:

It all started about 6 years ago one early Thursday morning on my way to work, when suddenly out of nowhere some traffic cop pulls me over for speeding. As much as I begged and pleaded with him, the jerk still gave me a ticket.

Was I speeding? Maybe a little. Did I think I deserved a ticket? HELL NO!

I mean, I was on a side street with no other cars in sight literally 300 feet from my job!

'Pissed Off' were not the words that described how I felt. I was so furious, I absolutely refused to pay it (and I really couldn't afford to with a new baby on the way).

Later that day I did exactly what you are doing right now -- frantically searching for a way out of my ticket. But like today, most of the information online was pure garbage. So when I couldn't find anything, I gave up.

I figured I'd just pay the fine and move on.

Then, by sheer coincidence, I was introduced to someone who changed my luck for good. This person had exclusive inside knowledge, working directly within the court system and revealed some things to me that made my jaw drop!

He was my boss's brother-in-law and a law professor at our local university. He also spent 21 years as a traffic ticket defense attorney.

I spoke with him over the phone for 20 minutes formulating a defense plan.

I went to court with that information and in less than 5 minutes of my case being called, the ticket was dismissed!

I was in SHOCK and total disbelief at what I had done!

It was an amazing feeling. Afterwards, I rushed home to tell my wife the great news and vowed that no low-life traffic cop was ever going to try to hustle me again.

Then as fate would have it, a few months later I got another speeding ticket. Okay, this time I have to admit I was speeding. But I remembered what I used the first time to beat my ticket, so I decided to give it another shot.

I had my doubts though. I thought no way was this going to work a second time.

I repeated the same exact thing I did just a few months earlier and to my utter surprise, I got my ticket dismissed AGAIN!

Now, I knew I was on to something.

I became intrigued at what I had stumbled on and wanted to learn more. In the days that followed, I kept thinking to myself what would've been had I known about this information years ago? I cringe at the thought of how much money I could have saved.

That's when the idea for this website came about.

It would be my personal way of getting 'even' with the system for all those years of having to pay through the ass in traffic court fines and raised insurance premiums.

I was extremely fortunate that the professor had his own gripes with the law and was more than willing to help.

To make a long story short, we became great friends and would meet in his office a few times a week where he unleashed his many years of experience defending clients.

I also studied on my own, spending the next several months reading anything and everything I could find on traffic laws. I read books the size of encyclopedias, the mere sight of would make most people squirm.

I sacrificed hundreds of hours researching case laws and legal briefs and participating in legal forums.

I interviewed and consulted with dozens of professionals in the legal field. I even sat in on numerous court proceedings.

For 6 months I lived, ate and breathed speeding tickets.

It drove my wife CRAZY! But in the end, it was all worth it.

After many months of intensive research, thousands of dollars in legal expenses and countless nights of my wife screaming at me to "get a life" my mission was finally complete.

I uncovered numerous secrets your eyes were never meant to see. I documented every one of my findings and went on to write a book on the subject called Beat the System.

It has since sold thousands of copies around the country and is regarded as an authority source on speeding ticket defense.

I worked day and night creating Beat the System and stuffed it with everything imaginable you can use to beat your ticket (explained in plain English).

While it focuses on one main formula, it goes far beyond that. I wanted to make sure no rock was left unturned so I dug a little deeper and found even more highly classified information that will assist you in getting your ticket dismissed.

Here's a short list of what you'll find inside...

  • Bring this with you to court (I'll give it to you) and watch how fast your trial ends.
  • Warning: You might be falling into a trap if you don't read the fine print on the back of your ticket. This can be very costly if you don't pay attention.
  • Why the number '45' is going to be your new favorite number. Just make sure you keep this tid bit to yourself.
  • See the one legal requirement every police officer forgets to do during a traffic stop and how to use it to your advantage to get the charges against you dropped.
  • How to get the best possible plea bargain, get your fine significantly reduced and prevent points from being added to your record. You'll easily save hundreds of dollars with this tip alone.
  • How to turn the tables and make the prosecutor unknowingly help you get your case dismissed. You gotta see this one!
  • A brilliant way to fully admit you were speeding, but NOT get found guilty. Caution: only admit to speeding by doing it this way.
  • The one thing you should NEVER do that just about everyone does. Avoid making this one common mistake and you'll beat your ticket.
  • A tight-lipped secret on how to get TWO chances to beat your ticket! You won't find this mentioned anywhere else.
  • An easy, almost unbeatable way to wipe out moving radar, pacing and VASCAR speeding tickets. (These are the easiest tickets to beat.)
  • How to find fatal flaws (1 in 25 tickets has one) that will void ALL the charges.
  • Discover the very first thing you should do before anything else. Skip this important step and you're screwed.
  • Three 'super words' you must say to have EVERY document against you thrown out as evidence so they'll have nothing to convict you with.
  • How to beat a lidar speeding ticket each and every single time simply by doing this one thing.
  • How to have a radar speeding ticket never show up on your record by using this cunning tactic.
  • How to beat a construction zone speeding ticket by utilizing a special federal law which prevents the officer from conducting traffic enforcement in this area.
  • Several ways to beat your speeding ticket without ever cross examining the police officer.
  • Avoid the three deadly sins people do after they get a ticket that automatically loses the case for them.
  • Get a custom tailored defense for every known speeding violation. This is important because not all speeding tickets are the same.
  • Use this legal loophole to totally erase your speeding ticket if you were pulled over by a squad car with two police officers in it.
  • Take advantage of a rare government ruling that practically forces the state to dismiss the entire case against you. You'll get full access to it.

Plus much, much more!

Click Here for INSTANT Access

"Is It Easy to Do?"

YES! Beat the System is used by all types of people, from teenagers to the elderly. It's set up so that anyone regardless of education can pull it off. There's NO legal knowledge required whatsoever.

It works in all cities (small and large), suburbs and rural towns alike. It works even if you are 100% guilty -- it doesn't matter!

Just go to the section related to your particular situation and follow the instructions. That's all there is to it.

Take a look at this comment I got last year from one of my happy readers:

"When it comes to law and legal stuff I'm an idiot, but your book made complete sense to me."

Hi Damon. My name is Alicia Wright and I'm a stay at home mom with 3 beautiful children. I felt like I should write you this email and thank you for your book. Let me just say that when it comes to law and legal stuff I'm an idiot, but your book made complete sense to me. I was able to get a copy of the omitted omitted and looked it over for a few minutes. As I glanced at it, I noticed that the last time a omittedomitted omitted omitted omitted omitted. Your book mentioned that this was outdated and to use that as a defense, so I did.

I made the 3 copies like you said and took them with me to court. I handed one to the judge and told him that this was the omitted omitted and that it was outdated. I then asked to have my case dismissed based on that. He gave a surprised chuckle, looked back at it some more and then dismissed my case! I can't believe that something so simple as this could actually work, but it did and I thank you for the hard work you put into this book.

Alicia Wright

Note: Some entries have been omitted to protect the sensitive information inside Beat the System.

"Okay, So How Does It Work?"

What you'll be doing is exploiting hidden legal gaps in the traffic ticket system that only the highest priced lawyers in the country are aware exist. You'll easily pinpoint and take advantage of major vulnerabilties that are serious enough to get your charges dropped!

You may be surprised to know there are dozens of laws written to actually protect you.

These laws dictate certain requirements on law enforcement before they are allowed to ticket motorists. However, these laws are so stringent that most of the time traffic cops often neglect to do one or two of these mandatory requirements.

When this happens, by law, your speeding ticket is completely worthless!

I'll show you exactly what to look for and how to take full advantage of these laws. All you have to do is find ONE that hasn't been fully applied and your ticket is history.

This is your only chance to finally be able to fight back and win with a practical and compelling defense traffic courts would rather you didn't know...

...because there's NO WAY they can stop it!

You see, this money-hungry operation has many sensitive weak spots it desperately hopes you never find out about. So far they've done a good job of covering them up.

Today I want to change all that by revealing each one of these weaknesses and showing you exactly how to manipulate them to beat most any speeding ticket you ever get!

Even if you are un-motivated, timid or shy, you can still do this. The strategies I teach allow you to bypass all the typical courtroom procedures.

For example...

xThere is NO back and forth argument

xYou will NOT have to take the stand

xYou will NOT go head to head with the prosecutor

xYou will NOT have to lie, mislead or do anything shady

xYou will NOT read or research boring laws

xYou will NOT have to memorize anything

xYou will NOT have to prove your were not speeding

You won't even be arguing the facts of your case.

Look, you're not being tried for murder. This is a minor traffic ticket so I promise if you do exactly as I tell you, it will all be over in a matter of minutes!

This really is so amazingly simple, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank - counting the money you just saved.

You can expect to save over $1,000! I don't know about you, but where I come from that's a lot of green.

If losing over a $1,000 doesn't bother you, then you should just leave this page and mail in your check now. The government and insurance companies thank you for your cooperation.

But if you work too damn hard to let that kind of money go to waste... then take the necessary steps to get your ticket dismissed and keep your cash where it belongs -- IN YOUR POCKET!


how to beat a speeding ticket

Beat the System

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Beat the System was recommended to me by a co-worker when I needed a way to get out of my speeding ticket. It was extremely eye-opening, but more importantly it worked. I was able to beat a $225 ticket using one strategy in this book. Now, I'm highly recommending it to you.

Madeline Dawkins

"You'd be a fool not to get it"

I'm not one to give out recommendations unless it is a stellar product. All I have to say about Beat the System is you'd be a fool not to get it. It's an excellent guide if you want to avoid getting ripped off by the cut-throat crooks out to get your money.

David Humphries

"I would recommend Beat the System to anyone"

There's no doubt that this is an awesome way to beat a speeding ticket. I would recommend Beat the System to anyone. Thank you Damon for creating this.

Constance Greene
New Hampshire

"Let me tell you that this is good"

With so much garbage on the internet today, it's hard to know what's good and what's not. Let me tell you that this is good. It's the only reference I make when fighting my speeding tickets and has helped me save around $400 to date. Get it.

Laron Jackson

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Photo Radar Secrets

If you're fighting a ticket issued by a photo radar or red light camera machine, then this book is a must have. So many people needlessly pay their photo radar tickets when legally they don't have to.

I'll reveal a how you can erase your ticket without ever having to step foot inside of a courtroom.

This rare and eye-opening guide has been highly effective in any state that uses photo radar.

You'll find out...

  • Why over 75% of you can just simply ignore your ticket and not have to worry about any penalties or repercussions.
  • A secret your state doesn't want you to know about photo radar that makes it very difficult for them to enforce your ticket.
  • The one single thing to look for on your ticket that will in most cases invalidate the whole charge against you. You'll find this on just about every photo radar and red light ticket in America.
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Call me insane, but I've decided to include a free copy of my newest and most controversial book to date. This one has heads turning and people talking.

In this 106 page one-of-a-kind book, I teach you covert psychological mind controlling tactics to avoid speeding tickets before they get written.

You'll discover over 25 never before heard speeding excuses sure to get you out of any speeding ticket. These aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill excuses. All are 100% original.

Here's a glimpse of what's inside...

  • The one word you should NEVER say to a police officer, but everyone does anyway (you'll never guess what it is.)
  • How a photograph of this particular person will easily have you driving away with just a warning.
  • Discover several ingenious ways to use ordinary paper and pen to avoid your next ticket.
  • How a regular bottle of this drink can make you ticket proof.
  • Why you should NOT have your drivers license ready for the police officer.
  • Put one of these on your car and virtually eliminate any chance of getting pulled over. (Hint: it's not a police decal.)
  • Why every female should keep a picture of their boyfriend or husband in the car to make the officer completely change his mind about writing the ticket.
  • How to get the officer to think you're an off-duty cop without getting arrested for impersonating one.
  • What 5 words to say to the officer to dramatically increase the chances of beating your ticket in court.
  • Plus so much more...

Even if you were caught speeding red handed, these techniques will have you outfoxing the police every time you get pulled over. I challenge anyone to find a book even remotely similar to this one.

Dirty Rotten Tricks is destined to become a classic.


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I take it since you've read this far that you're serious about beating your speeding ticket. In that case, I'm going to make your decision much easier. That's why Beat the System comes with a No Risk 60 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have to completely love this information or I will gladly give you your money back... No Questions Asked!


STOP! Read This...

Here's a Really Good Reason Why You
Should NOT Buy This Book

Do NOT buy Beat the System if you're looking for a 100% guaranteed way to beat your speeding ticket!

I know I'll lose a few sales here, but I'd rather say this now then mislead you. I do not guarantee my product will get your speeding ticket dismissed.

Please don't let this confuse you from the guarantee I made above. I DO unequivocally guarantee that this is the absolute best product on speeding ticket defense you will find anywhere - online or in print.

That, you can count on.

However, no one can ever guarantee you will beat your ticket and if you happen to come across a website that does... run away as fast as you can!

They'll say anything to get your money. Not even a $500 per hour lawyer will make such a guarantee.

My system is not perfect, but no system is. However, based on the many emails I receive from my customers the win ratio is about 83%!

This is the only book that will give you such results and greatly increase your chances of winning.

If you understand and accept this, then let's get started...

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Beat the System 2010

Yes Damon! I'm Ready To Discover All The Secrets You Reveal In This Amazing Book And Beat My Speeding Ticket.

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I promise you'll be kicking yourself in the butt for not knowing these secrets years ago. They're easy to do and can save you countless amounts of dollars (and headaches).

My Best Wishes to You and Your Success,
damonDamon Dallah
Author - Beat the System

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Still Not Sure If Beat the System is Right for You?

Consider This: If you sit back and do nothing, you will pay a steep fine and several hundred dollars on top of that in raised insurance premiums. You can save that money by following the easy steps I show in this book.

I offer a 100% "Love It or Your Money Back" Guarantee. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose and hundreds of dollars to save. Take a look at a few testimonials I've received over the years if you're skeptical.

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Read what the police and traffic courts

beat the system

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NOTE: Beat the System is an electronic book (e-book) in PDF format. No physical product will be shipped. You must have the free Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer in order to read it. See my FAQ below. Contact me if you have other questions.

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